Stamp Template Engine


Stamp Template Engine is a suite of string-based template utilities written in Python and PHP.


: Released version 2.3.5
: Released version 2.3.4
: Added privacy statement
: Released version 2.3.2
: Released version 2.3.1
: Released version 2.3
: Released version 2.2.2
: Migrated to new server.
: StampTE 2.2.1 has been released, performance improvement.
: Updating documentation
: StampTE 2.2 has been released!


  • Toll free template upgrades (because no logic in template)
  • Hot-swappable templates
  • 3rd party templates
  • Show live demo templates to your customer (demojs)
  • Fully independent design team (and development team)
  • Programmable templates (complex views and forms)
  • Built-in XSS filter and UTF-8 encoding
  • Integrate translation functions
  • No new syntax, leverages well known comment conventions
  • self-documenting templates

Don't use StampTE for: very simple templates, APIs or non-UTF-8 templates.


2.3.5: Added Python CLI script.
2.3.4: Added inconv UTF-8 encoder and load html5document from library folder.
2.3.1: Added u modifier for better UTF-8 support in regular expression.
2.3.0: UTF-8 support, PHP 7 compatibility, improved HTML5 document template.